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Press Kit

Escape from Ever After


Sleepy Castle Studio


PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS5

Release Date

Late 2024

Media Assets

Google Drive


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Escape from Ever After is an RPG-adventure game featuring snappy, stylish turn-based combat, genre-bending storybook worlds, and heaps of cartoony charm! When a greedy megacorp with the power to enter storybooks takes over Flynt Buckler’s fairytale world, he must get a job to sabotage them from within! Dive into twisted tales from sweeping sci-fi to noir murder mystery—one moment you’ll be fleeing Lovecraftian terrors, and the next you’ll be up against villainous versions of the three little pigs—the rules are always changing! Battles are lively, spoils are abundant, and surprises are around every corner in the scattered storybook worlds of Escape from Ever After!


  • Fight in a fun, fast-paced battle system that rewards experimentation and strategy

  • Build and customize your party—every character has unique skills that can be equipped and upgraded throughout your journey

  • Engage in office banter, help your storybook coworkers, and decorate your office as you climb the corporate ladder

  • Explore vast storybook worlds brimming with sidequests, treasures, and secrets

  • Stories within stories: experience a charming and lively narrative where the rules are constantly changing

  • A jazzy, big-band soundtrack that keeps the energy pumping throughout



Logos and Art


Ryan Kitner

Animation, Programming, Gameplay Design

Daniel Whitworth

Level/Game Design, Music, Audio Design, Production


Please direct all inquiries to

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